So they wait…

She missed him terribly today.
The thought of being in his arms
lingered much longer
than she expected.

The words
“I love you”
flow freely from her heart,
but her mind cannot fathom
loving someone
who chooses to keep her
at a safe distance.

She has chosen
to no longer accept his gifts
for she fears they come
at too high a price.

She would rather
be loved than ‘bought’.
She will not sell her soul
only to lose
the most important thing of all,
the Love of God.

She daydreams
of holding his hand
as they walk by the moonlight —
to kiss his lips under the stars,
no longer hidden from the world.

She has no use
for complicated love
and yet it seems to always find her.
Lovers, trying to be friends…
Friends afraid to be in love…

He and she,
two worlds broken,
seeking to mend in their own way.
Unsure if being together
will add to their disfunction
or help them heal.

So they wait…
For how long?
Neither one knows…
For the right time?
For the pain to subside?
For the old memories to fade?
Perhaps for time to set them free…

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Originally published: February 13 2019
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Take your trash with you! 


I sat having a bit of coffee
before starting my shift.
The mornings have been cold,
and my body takes a while
to warm up sometimes.

As I surveyed the parking lot
from my elevated,
semi-panoramic view,
I observed the store’s courtesy clerk
doing a part of his morning routine —
gathering trash from all the trash cans
in the enormous parking lot.

When I lived in New York,
there were some neighborhoods
with a trash can on every corner,
and some neighborhoods
with none at all.
I often wondered why?

In my travels
to different parts of New York
some Mass Transit sations
had trash receptacles
and some did not.

Some transit systems
in other states
even forbid eating
while commuting.

If you ‘must’ eat,
all ‘containers’
must be resealable —
one can be fined otherwise!

At first I was baffled
by the strictness of the laws
in these places. But now,
as I think back,
the cleanliness
was refreshingly surprising.

New York is a busy place —
very crowded!
So with that comes the messiness.
Trash cans are often overflowing,
litter is everywhere
and so are the rodents.
Perhaps the idea
to ‘take your trash with you’
isn’t such a bad plan after all.

Don’t get me wrong,
sometimes stuff happens
and having a trash receptacle
close by can be a life-saver.
But in the grand scheme of things,
the domino effect of trash,
rodents, bugs etc.
is far more damaging
than the temporary inconvenience
of having no trash receptacle
when one is needed.

I also understand
that collecting trash
has become a huge
income-earning facet
of our society
and eliminating the need
to collect waste
will in turn
take away someone’s job.

But the trash we create
is slowly taking up more space
in landfills and in turn
polluting the earth.
One can even say
we are ‘trashing ourselves to death’!

How then do we find balance
between general consumption
and the waste we create?
One solution is to make products
that are easily biodegradable.
Manufacturers have already begun
to make changes in this direction
but we still have a ways to go.

So my question is this,
what’s your stance
on the whole concept
of ‘taking your trash with you’?
Is this eventually going to become the ‘norm’?
Or is this something that will be met with much resistance?
I would love to hear your thoughts…

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Originally published: April 18 2018
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Breaking point


Everyone has
their breaking point.
Today was hers…

She walked
into the board room,
set her briefcase
on the table,
unclipped her
corporate name badge
from her lapel,
set it beside the briefcase
and walked out the door.

In her briefcase
were her corporate files —
her most recent assignment.
Her findings were catastrophic!
On top of those files
was her letter of resignation.

Everyone has
their breaking point.
Today was hers…

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Originally published: April 15 2018
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You knew… 


You knew,
this wasn’t what
I really wanted.

You knew,
I yearned to leave
but didn’t know how.

You knew,
I would have stayed
mostly out of loyalty.

You knew,
I always tried to see the good in all circumstances.

You knew,
I swallowed more than I deserved
because I abhor confrontation.

You knew,
my frustration and tiredness
of the entire situation.

You knew,
my inner desires,
my passions and my goals.

You knew,
I’m not much for fanfare
but gave me a dramatic exit nonetheless.

You knew,
I wouldn’t understand
your methods in the moment.

You knew,
in the end this path
would make me stronger.

You knew,
it all and so you set me free.
Thank you Lord. Amen.

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Originally published: April 6 2018
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The Silent Worrior


She sat
for what seemed like forever,
flat on the floor
with her back against the wall.

Her hands ached,
her shoulders were tight,
her legs were numb,
her feet were swollen.

Her spirit willed her to move
but her body resisted.
Life for her has never been easy
and this was no different.

Her journey ahead
triggered a sense of panic.
Her chest tightened,
her stomach was in knots.

She was so tired
of the endless struggle.
She wanted it all to stop
but quitting was not an option.

The tears filled her eyes
as she prayed for strength.
She has learned very well
to push through the pain.

One day things will get better…
Her faith is strong!
She believes there’s a reason
for everything, even this!

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Originally published: April 12 2018
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While seeking happiness I found joy! 


The beauty of your light
shines through
the windows of my heart.

The richness of your love
fills the depleted reservoirs
of my thirsty soul.

I seek your presence
in search of peace,
happiness and wisdom.

I feel your grace
washing over me,
forgiving my errant ways.

I praise your name
in joyful gratitude
for your abundant blessings,
and your everlasting love.

I cherish each new day
for it is one more chance
to share your love.

You understand my desires
and give me more
that I ever expected.

You anticipate my every need
and meet me with open arms
blessing me with your abundance.

Lord, you are wonderful!
And so I thank now
in Jesus name, Amen.

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Originally published: April 6 2018
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Random Act of kindness: November 29 2017


was young.

needed gas.

He requested
$14 worth.

His card
was declined.

He suggested we try
$10 instead.

The transaction
was rejected.

He apologized for
wasting my time and left.

Silently he sat in his car
pondering what to do next.

My heart sank…

The next gentleman in line
paid for his snacks
and gave and extra $10.

“That’s for the guy
who was in line before me,”
he said.
“I remember what it felt like
to be young and broke.
Go catch him before he leaves!”

I ran as fast as I could.
I was happy to help
make him feel better.
I was elated to witness
such a wonderful act of kindness.

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Originally published: March 22 2018
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