Our conversations
should be meaningful
deeper than just the surface.

Our values should go beyond
the man-made idols we create.
Melancholy regret
should be something
we try to avoid
as we strive in earnest
to learn from our past mistakes.

In order to respect each other,
we must first respect
the Creator who made us.
He gave us guidelines
for how we should treat
our fellow man.
No one should be made
to feel like a toy —
played with then discarded
when the amusement dwindles.

Be fair, it’s that simple!
What’s good for you
should also be good for me.
Entitlement is the reward
of effort and input.
Words and actions
should be in sync.
A gift given from the heart
should not come
with strings attached.
Let reciprocity be free
and not pressured.

Show me your heart
as I will show you mine.
Let me admire
the beauty of your soul
via the windows
of your scars and brokenness.
I will embrace you for who you are
and not try to make you
who I want you to be.
Let us grow together
and not grow apart.
Speak freely without judgement.
Be open to me, to new ideas,
to new adventures.
Above all, just be yourself.

I will guard your secrets with my life
as I hope you will mine —
I will not betray your confidence.
Let our souls meet
in a warm embrace
that will last a lifetime.
Let us mend
the brokenness of our hearts
with the love we find together.

This is what I seek:
Depth plus Worth
plus Respect plus Balance
plus Love plus Trust.
I don’t want to be your plaything
I deserve more than that.
I much rather be alone
than be with someone
who thinks that’s all I am.
Give me substance
or nothing at all!


Image source: Digital Art by A ~ 2017
Contents compiled: May 7 2017
Originally published: May 7 2017
Copyright © 2017 Anonymously Yours

Author: A @ Anonymously Yours

Single mom and Writer

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