About to snap!



I’m not on my game today.
100 crazy minions got the best of me.
Well, actually, there were only 10,
but I could have sworn there were hundreds.

There’s one in particular
who reaaaallly gets under my skin.
I’m convinced he does things
just to irritate me.

Then there’s another
who’s definitely related
to the Tasmanian Devil —
she’s totally out of control!!

I’m being tested.
I’m being pushed to my limit.
I’ve been holding it together
but I fear I’m about to snap.

I’m tired!!!


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: June 23 2017
Originally published: June 24 2017
Copyright Β© 2017 Anonymously Yours


Author: A @ Anonymously Yours

Single mom and Writer

10 thoughts on “About to snap!”

    1. To be honest I don’t even remember.
      My days have been all a blur!

      I’m working 2 jobs, Struggling to find reliable after hours childcare, all while trying to find balance within a schedule where I only have one day off.

      My options?
      Hold it together or snap!
      At some point somethings gonna give.

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