You knew… 


You knew,
this wasn’t what
I really wanted.

You knew,
I yearned to leave
but didn’t know how.

You knew,
I would have stayed
mostly out of loyalty.

You knew,
I always tried to see the good in all circumstances.

You knew,
I swallowed more than I deserved
because I abhor confrontation.

You knew,
my frustration and tiredness
of the entire situation.

You knew,
my inner desires,
my passions and my goals.

You knew,
I’m not much for fanfare
but gave me a dramatic exit nonetheless.

You knew,
I wouldn’t understand
your methods in the moment.

You knew,
in the end this path
would make me stronger.

You knew,
it all and so you set me free.
Thank you Lord. Amen.

Image source: Digital Art by A ~ 2018
Contents compiled: February 27 2018
Originally published: April 6 2018
Copyright © 2017-2018 Anonymously Yours


Author: A @ Anonymously Yours

Single mom and Writer

3 thoughts on “You knew… ”

    1. Thank you.

      Learning to trust that God will help us find a way takes enormous practice. We often take matters into our own hands and throw a monkey wrench in things, and like the loving parent that God is, He simply shakes His head at our ill-conceived plans and course- corrects us when we’re hopelessly lost. I’m beginning to understand that many of my ill-conceived plans may have caused me a lot of heartache and unnecessary stress but God never left my side. I’m learning to let Him lead more so I don’t get lost so often. Though very eventful, being lost isn’t always fun!


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