The evening shift



She doesn’t understand why I have to go.
She cries because she wants me home.
It’s all for our family — a better tomorrow,
But today is all that matters to her.

In my heart I hope it’ll all be worth it.
I’m doing my best, pushing to the limit.
One day I hope she’ll truly appreciate,
It’s all for her, our amazing future awaits.


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Contents compiled: May 10 2017
Originally published: May 11 2017
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P ushing through the sleepiness.
O verestimated how much I’d get done.
W asn’t in the mood for any shenanigans.
E vening shift means conserve energy.
R esponsibilities everywhere I turn.

N ot sure how I’ll pull this off.
A sking for a guiding hand.
P raying for a better tomorrow.


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Contents compiled: May 11 2017
Originally published: May 12 2017
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Feels good to smile

Did you smile today? ☺

Agony of Love


Little hearts love me innocently.
Little hands hug me genuinely.
Little faces smile at me sweetly.
Little feet run to me eagerly.
Little bodies bring me joy unknowingly.
Little packages contain huge blessings daily.

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Contents compiled: May 2 2017
Originally published: May 2 2017
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