Waiting for change… 


“So I fell down the stairs
again today.
This time I made it
all the way down
to the bottom
and hit the concrete.
One day it’s gonna stop.
I know it will… ”

These were the words
she said to me,
with a sad smile.

I sighed and shook my head
in disbelief
but deep down
I wanted to yell at her
to WAKE UP!!!

How could she love a man
who abuses her?
She thinks one day
he’ll change.
What is she teaching her kids?

I see her almost daily.
She’s off in space
escaping her reality.

The sadness consumes her
but she carries on.
When will she wake up?

When will she stop waiting
for change that may never come?
When will she find
the strength to move on?

Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: August 9 2017
Originally published: September 20 2017
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