A one-sentence story: Fierce woman 


Never a follower
of the crowd, 
she walks to the beat 
of her own drum. 

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Contents compiled: September 8 2017
Originally published: September 8 2017
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She stormed in
windswept and out of breath.
It’s been that way for her lately;
she’s juggling a lot
but somehow seems to pull it off.

Logistics and lack of time
get the best of her sometimes
but by the grace of God
she keeps pressing on.

She’s a special person —
tough yet sweet,
competitive yet fair,
fierce yet humble.

I like what I see in her,
yet it amazes me that sometimes
she doesn’t realize her own worth.

She’s made of ‘good stock’;
she’s a gem to be treasured;
she’s a fierce worrior;
she’s my dear friend.

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Contents compiled: July 3 2017
Originally published: July 3 2017
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Random Act Of Kindness: June 11 2017



She stood alone at the bus stop;
a new girl in town;
taking life one day at at time;
working towards a better tomorrow.

An unassuming gentleman
approached her politely,
then handed her something —
it was a gift card.

She looked up from her open hand
to see the ‘good Samaritan’ walking away.
She thanked him humbly
and he graciously tipped his baseball cap
as he returned to his parked car,
never to be seen again.

Assuming he’d used most of the funds
and just offered her what was left,
she checked the balance
to see how this good deed
could be put to use.

To her surprise,
the card carried
the full balance of $100.
She was dumbfounded!!!

In her time of need,
God sent an angel.
In her time of distress,
her burden was made
just a little bit lighter
so she could keep pressing on.

It may be June 2017
but I’m pleased to know
miracles still happen.
God gives us blessings everyday,
we simply have to
open our hands to receive them.

What Random Act Of Kindness
have you ever given or received?


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Contents compiled: June 10 2017
Originally published: June 11 2017
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Art by ‘Munchkin’: May 28 2017

Hello lovelies.
Here’s another of my munchkin’s renditions.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Hugs 🌷



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Contents compiled: May 28 2017
Originally published: May 28 2017
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