Making Sweet Memories


No alarms
to rush us out of bed.

No responsibilities
that can’t wait til tomorrow instead.

Just another rainy Saturday
to lounge about in pjs.

Just another lazy day
for making wonderful memories.


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Contents compiled: February 17 2018
Originally published: February 17 2018
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My Legacy


She’s growing up fast.
She’s making me proud.
She knows things I didn’t teach her.

I smile when she repeats
the lessons learned from me.

I cringe when someone else
infected her brain
with unsavory thoughts.

I teach her
to think for herself.

I remind her that
she should be loved
for more than her striking beauty.

I encourage her
to keep trying.

I love her amazing mind.

I pray that she will outgrow
her short-tempereredness
much sooner than I did.

I prepare her for the world
as best I can.

She’s my baby girl.

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Contents compiled: August 24 2017
Originally published: September 19 2017
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About to snap!



I’m not on my game today.
100 crazy minions got the best of me.
Well, actually, there were only 10,
but I could have sworn there were hundreds.

There’s one in particular
who reaaaallly gets under my skin.
I’m convinced he does things
just to irritate me.

Then there’s another
who’s definitely related
to the Tasmanian Devil —
she’s totally out of control!!

I’m being tested.
I’m being pushed to my limit.
I’ve been holding it together
but I fear I’m about to snap.

I’m tired!!!


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Contents compiled: June 23 2017
Originally published: June 24 2017
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Art by ‘Munchkin’: May 28 2017

Hello lovelies.
Here’s another of my munchkin’s renditions.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Hugs 🌷



Image source: Art by ‘Munchkin’ 2017
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Originally published: May 28 2017
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Art by ‘Munchkin’: May 16 2017



My daughter (aka Munchkin) is only 5 and already she has a very artistic side. I thoroughly enjoy her work and this is one of many pieces I’ve hung on my wall to enjoy daily as a part of our home’s decor. I humbly share my pride with you. Enjoy! 🌷


Image source: Art by Munchkin
Contents compiled: May 16 2017
Originally published: May 17 2017
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The evening shift



She doesn’t understand why I have to go.
She cries because she wants me home.
It’s all for our family — a better tomorrow,
But today is all that matters to her.

In my heart I hope it’ll all be worth it.
I’m doing my best, pushing to the limit.
One day I hope she’ll truly appreciate,
It’s all for her, our amazing future awaits.


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Contents compiled: May 10 2017
Originally published: May 11 2017
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