She stormed in
windswept and out of breath.
It’s been that way for her lately;
she’s juggling a lot
but somehow seems to pull it off.

Logistics and lack of time
get the best of her sometimes
but by the grace of God
she keeps pressing on.

She’s a special person —
tough yet sweet,
competitive yet fair,
fierce yet humble.

I like what I see in her,
yet it amazes me that sometimes
she doesn’t realize her own worth.

She’s made of ‘good stock’;
she’s a gem to be treasured;
she’s a fierce worrior;
she’s my dear friend.

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Contents compiled: July 3 2017
Originally published: July 3 2017
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About to snap!



I’m not on my game today.
100 crazy minions got the best of me.
Well, actually, there were only 10,
but I could have sworn there were hundreds.

There’s one in particular
who reaaaallly gets under my skin.
I’m convinced he does things
just to irritate me.

Then there’s another
who’s definitely related
to the Tasmanian Devil —
she’s totally out of control!!

I’m being tested.
I’m being pushed to my limit.
I’ve been holding it together
but I fear I’m about to snap.

I’m tired!!!


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Contents compiled: June 23 2017
Originally published: June 24 2017
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