Random Act of kindness: November 29 2017


was young.

needed gas.

He requested
$14 worth.

His card
was declined.

He suggested we try
$10 instead.

The transaction
was rejected.

He apologized for
wasting my time and left.

Silently he sat in his car
pondering what to do next.

My heart sank…

The next gentleman in line
paid for his snacks
and gave and extra $10.

“That’s for the guy
who was in line before me,”
he said.
“I remember what it felt like
to be young and broke.
Go catch him before he leaves!”

I ran as fast as I could.
I was happy to help
make him feel better.
I was elated to witness
such a wonderful act of kindness.

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Contents compiled: November 29 2017
Originally published: March 22 2018
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Random Act of kindness. June 27 2017


A tall, dark and handsome man,
before them stood with a smile and plan.

He whispered a few instructions to me,
to which only he and I were privy.

I followed his request quite elated,
knowing they’d be confused and excited.

He left and waved goodbye on cue,
the following customers had no clue.

Cards and coupons they presented,
but they were no longer needed.

The kind gentleman had paid their bill
leaving them surprised and thrilled.

What an amazing day to behold
an act of kindness, a story to be told.

It doesn’t hurt to pay it forward,
we are all God’s angels in this world.

Be kind, show love to all mankind,
It will all come back to you in the end.

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Contents compiled: June 27 2017
Originally published: July 23 2017
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